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The Team

Jory Des Jardins co-founded BlogHer, a venture backed, category-defining women’s digital lifestyle company that was sold to SheKnows Media in late 2014. She spent 10 years on the founding team, enabling strategy from pre-venture funding through post-acquisition phase.

Jory is a tireless crusader for women entrepreneurs and business leaders, sharing her personal growth story, contacts, and insights learned from 10 years of growth hacking, digital community building, strategy development and fundraising. She sits on the boards of several female-led or founded startups.

Stephanie Agresta is award-winning, digital-first marketing executive with a hands-on understanding of the changing media landscape and the global start-up ecosystem. PRWeek named her #6 among digital creators, innovators and strategists in public relations and Business Insider cited her as one of the top 25 advertising executives on Twitter. In 2010, she was named to PRWeek’s “40 under 40” roster. Her first book, Perspectives on Social Media Marketing, co-authored with B. Bonin Bough of Mondelez, was released in October 2010.

In the fall of 2015, Stephanie left the corporate world to launch a growth accelerator for startups and now serves on advisory boards and consultants with SaaS companies,
brands and agencies.

About Virago

Virago is a strategic advisory for women entrepreneurs. Launched in the fall of 2016, Virago develops solutions to accelerate growth for female-founded technology startups. The Scale Collective, the inaugural event being produced by Virago, will be held in NYC on November 2nd.

What's A Virago?

Virago is an exemplary woman with heroic qualities. These noble roots waned over time as more pejorative associations (shrew, bossy lady) came to be. But for us, Virago was and always will be a woman of excellence. Taking back the word and coming together, we will rewrite the narrative of what it means to be a driven woman building a business today.

Our Mission

In our combined 30 years of experience working with startups—as founders, advisors, and business growth leaders, we believe the high tech industry is on the right path. Leaders have finally acknowledged the need for greater investment in female-led companies and increasing startup opportunities for women.

There are now more funding opportunities and inspiring content for female founders than ever before. However, there remains a great need to scale and sustain these efforts in a way that provides real revenue growth and materially significant exits for women entrepreneurs.

That is why we are curating our community and synthesizing these efforts in a new way. We believe we will inspire women, remove obstacles, change the narrative, and set women on an accelerated path. We believe in real outcomes, and we believe in win-win scenarios for everyone—entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors.

Our mission starts on November 2nd and we want you to join us.

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